2011 NAMM Convention News

Hey!! I promised I would fill everyone in on my experience at my first NAMM convention. I finally have a few hours of free time so I’m going to use it to catch everyone up!

I saw many old friends including Kim Waters and Mike Phillips, and made some new friends such as Jody Espina of Jody Jazz mouthpieces, and an amazing musician named Eddie Baccus Jr., who many of you may know as the sax player for Pieces Of A Dream. The entire time I was surrounded by so many talented people. I cant name them all here, but I am truly blessed to know these people.



I am endorsed by Legere Reeds, and received my NAMM pass from Legere. While at NAMM, I spent a lot of time showing other horn players and potential retailers how great the new Signature series of Legere Reeds are. The Legere Signature series reed is ground-breaking. Many horn players say they prefer wood over synthetic, and I was the same way. However, The Legere Signature reeds feel, sound, and perform just as good as bamboo reeds -if not BETTER! And on top of that, the life of a Legere synthetic reed can be triple that of a traditional bamboo reed. I strongly suggest that my fellow sax players give it a try. They are also available for clarinet!



While doing demos for Legere, I was informed about Massaccio saxophones, whose display booth was only a few doors down from Legere. Curious about the saxophones, my friends and I decided to try them. Massaccio horns are not only designed to be incredibly beautiful, but they also pack a powerful tone and they play like a dream.

When I first purchased my Cannonball saxophone, everyone under-estimated its potential; and now Cannonball is one of the most popular brands for sale. I predict that Massaccio has the very same potential and I look forward seeing this company grow!


There are many more things that I saw and could talk about, but I wanted to focus on Legere Signature reeds and Massacio Saxophones because they are not as well-known as everyone else.

Thanks for reading! I will continue to keep everyone updated. But for now, I need a nap; it’s 4:00 a.m. and in 2 hours I will be on the move again…

Love and Peace!


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