Thank You Angela Bassett!!!!

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I just got home from an amazing night at Allure. Our guest was my friend Miss Angela Bassett. This is how down to Earth she is… I met her last year on a show with Alex Bugnon, and she said she would look me up if ever in Charlotte. Sure enough, she called and told me she was in town and came out to party with us at Soulstage. We had VIP set up for her and everything and all she wanted to do was sit amongst the people and have a good time. She laughed, she danced, and all was well; and she stayed until the very end! She even took the time to greet and talk to people. No mob of security, no drama, nothing! What a BEAUTIFUL person! I’m blessed to be associated with a person with such a presence as hers, and I hope that if I ever get to her level, I will remain just as humble and open. Thanks again to Angela Bassett for sharing the night with our community of artists!

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